SO Morgan County Bocce Team to USA Games Could Use Your Help!

 Joyce Cantor and Cena Bain have been selected to represent our county as a part of Team Indiana and will be competing at the Special Olympics 2018 USA Games, which will take place in Seattle, Washington, from July 1 – 6, 2018.

To prepare for this challenge, they will be taking part in the 16th annual FedEx Plane Pull Challenge to raise financial support for the trip to next year’s USA Games. Your support will position us that much closer to Washington!

Donations can be made online at or -usa-games. Donating through this site is completely secure, fast and simple. It is the most efficient way to contribute to my fundraising efforts, which by the way is 100% tax deductible. Donations can also be made offline through checks, made out to Special Olympics Indiana, or cash.




Games                                                                                                                                               Mon July 31 - 7pm - Chuck Klein Sports Complex (4702 Rockville Road, Indianapolis)                                                                                                                                    Mon Aug 14 - 7pm - Indy Sports Park (6701 S Harding Street, Indianapolis)             Mon Aug 21 - 7pm & 8pm  - Chuck Klein DOUBLEHEADER                                             Mon Sept 11 - 8pm - Chuck Klein                                                                                 Additional practices on Aug 7 & 28, location TBD. 

2017 Summer Games Results!!

Congratulations to all of our athletes that participated in the 2017 Summer Games!  SOMC represented well and brought home a lot of hardware!  Here are the results for each athlete:


James Calahan-RLJ-2nd, Shot-2nd, 4 x 100-1st; Robert Cantor-RLJ-1st, Shot-6th, 100M-7th; Amanda Coleman-Shot-1st, Jav-4th, 800Walk-4th; Sam Cox-15M Asst WC-1st, 15M WC Slalom-1st, Target Throw-1st;  William Flatford-RLJ-7th, Shot-4th, 100M-7th Chris McClure-RLJ-3rd, Shot-1st, 100M-6th; Kelsey Moore-Jav-1st, 50M-5th, 4x100-3rd; Dan Pearce-Jav-3rd, 100M-3rd, 4x100-1st; Bailey Rossel-SLJ-5th, Sftbl Throw-5th, 800Walk-4th; Isaac Scott-Sftbl Throw-4th, 50M-2nd, 4x100-3rd; Bob Snyder-10M WC-1st, 25M WC-1st, Sftbl Throw-3rd; Willie Weaver-RLJ-6th, Shot-3rd, 100M-3rd. Unified partners: JD Childress-4x100-3rd; Eric Garrett-4x100-1st; Andrew Pearce-4x100-1st; Natalie Scott-4x100-3rd


TEAMS-Paula McCullough, Mike Myntti (unified partners: Kasie Childress & Connie Murray)-2nd; Joyce Cantor, Jonn Strawder (unified partners:Cena Bain & Cassity Fisher)-3rd; Jason Fisher, Troy Thompson (unified partners: Bill Fisher & Brandon Fisher)-4th

DOUBLES-Joyce Cantor & UP-Cena Bain-1st; Troy Thompson & UP Brandon Fisher-2nd; Jason Fisher & UP Bill Fisher-2nd; Mike Myntti & UP Connie Murray-2nd; Paula McCullough & UP Kasie Childress-3rd; Jonn Strawder & UP Cassity Fisher-4th

Also, our many thanks to all of our parents/chaperones/volunteers that made this weekend possible!!!  Photos will be in our gallery.


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